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Ice Ice Baby – Part III

Okay, so we have been discussing ice and its effects on a drink. We’ve already determined that ice made from tap water can flavor your drink and that some of the alternatives are just a little outrageously priced.
What we haven’t touched on is that ice can also water your drink down, and really, how eco-friendly [...]

Ice Ice Baby – Part II

Welcome back to everyone. We had some light posting going on last week due to the holiday and, well, I took a bit of a long weekend (I was out Thursday and Friday) as well. I wish I could say I was back at work rested and ready to go, but, really, I am back [...]

Ice Ice Baby

At first when I read this I found myself thinking – “You’ve got to be kidding.” Then I took a second to think about it and it all just seemed so obvious. The next logical step from bottled and designer water: Designer Ice.
Ice rocks are pre-packaged ice cubes. Well, they are ice cube-shaped trays of [...]

And, We’re back

Okay, well, I am back. Josh didn’t go anywhere and was doing a great job of getting frequent posts up. While I have a few things around the office to take care of before I can really start posting I do have a ton of things to post about this morning.
We’ll have posts over the [...]

Pools Open

Well, not quite yet- The public pools in NYC open on June 29th. Keeping with our trend of lists of summer fun I present to you the Parks Department’s details on NYC’s public pools.
51 different pools in 5 boroughs, when the temperature outside starts breaking 90 degrees in July, you will be happy to know [...]

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