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How to say I love you

How to say I love you, a (really) short film by Hayley Stuart and Francesca Sophia. (Via Matt.)

Beware of the doghouse

(Via Matt)

Caroline nominated for an Annie!

Our friend Caroline Attia has been nominated for an Annie, the Oscar of animation, for her PSA video Sarah, a commercial for The video is extremely poignant, though it doesn’t even begin to showcase all of her talent. You can see her other videos at or a reel of some of her corporate [...]

500 years of female portraits in Western art

Sorry to those of you who have already seen this. I just ran across it.

The artists and the paintings here.
High resolution version here.


Beautiful/Decay’s Vis/Ed event yesterday at the Anthology Film Archives is the type of thing I would have told you about if I had been around last week and reading my emails.
Unfortunately, as I did not get a chance to catch up with my daily email reading, I missed out on the opportunity to tell [...]

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