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Secret Agent Man

Have you ever been playing a video game and thought “Gee, I bet I could be a British Spy?” Well then, most likely you were playing a James Bond game. Apparently, though the surveillance arm of British intelligence thinks there are a bunch of gamers out there who would make good spies.
USA Today reports that [...]


It’s been a good long while since we have had really ridiculous product to mock discuss here.
Today though is just a jackpot of a day where we have come across not one, but two totally different products worthy of being called out for this distinction.
First up we have Phone Fingers. “What’s a Phone Finger?” you [...]

Shady Dealings

In the last two weeks Radiohead has been making a ton of news with the release of their new album In Rainbows. There has been a ton of hype surrounding it, as one of the most popular bands around decided to release their newest album directly over the internet and allowed customers to pay what [...]

Radiohead D-Day

Yes I Wrote about a week ago that the Radiohead album was coming out today and that it would only be available on their website and that it was a pay what you want deal (that would be here).
Well it comes as no surprise to anyone that it came out today and their site was [...]

1 QUID = 6.25 Quid

Travelex took a bold step into the future the other day and announced that they have developed currency for use in space. An interesting step, since we currently don’t have any commercial space flights, but with companies like Virgin working on developing commercial space flights (and I believe already selling tickets for them) and a [...]

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