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George Orwell on Eric Blair

Eric Blair lived an interesting life. It should come as a surprise to no one that this life was noted, recorded and dissected into the daily pages of a journal. Now into the blogosphere come daily notations made by the man who would take the nom de plume George Orwell published 70 years to the [...]

Interesting Images

Following up on both Joel’s post about oil and Eric’s post about Flocke I’ve got two things for you. Admittedly these items are only tangentially related to Joel & Eric’s posts, but as far as I am concerned they are close enough.
First up we’ve got images of Darvaza (The Burning Gates), Darvaza is a village [...]

Feel this sweater, there’s no better, Than authentic Irish setter

Yes, we’re referencing songs from the Simpsons here, but it is really quite fitting.
A couple in Newcastle, England made BBC news the other night due to their unique way of keeping their deceased pets as part of the family. Some folks bury their pets in the yard, others keep their ashes after a cremation, there [...]

6 of one…

Let the outing begin. We know who Client 9 is, and thanks to the Daily News we can now put a (hideous) face on Client 6 (editor’s note, original post had him labeled as Client 5, this was found to be incorrect). Ladies and gentlemen, I present for your viewing pleasure, The Duke of Westminster:

From [...]

Changing the World

The Belfast Telegraph has a list online of 101 Gadgets that, they claim, changed the world. When you have long lists it is always debatable how to organize them, Belfast Telegraph chose to go alphabetically as opposed to, say, date order.
It is an interesting overview and has a really broad, all encompassing feel to it. [...]

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