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At Least He Never Co-Starred with a Chimp

The bloggers here at AmericanMadness (and Peter Shankman from PR Differently) occasionally share articles with each other over email, earlier this week we were “discussing” Fred Thompson in the context of the article “Fred Thompson: Desperate Republicans Cheer for a Reagan Wannabe” posted on AlterNet.
Of course his various television and movie roles were discussed (including [...]

One Of Them Computing Machines

I don’t consider myself age-ist, I have plenty of friends who are old. I mean I even work for some one who is in their sixties. But, you know, with some older folks, they reach a point, well, when maybe it is time for them to retire. You notice small things, they forget little details [...]

One more we missed yesterday-

From Super Soldier we move to Super Spy:
Yesterday was the birthday of one of America’s top female spies, she would have been 95. Monday marked the three year anniversary of her passing.
In 1941, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Julia McWilliams attempted to join the Navy, but was turned down because of her height (at [...]


While so many news outlets are devoting headlines today to Brooke Astor passing away at 105, Merv Griffin also passed away this week at 82.
For anyone who now watches Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune the name is familiar, though the breadth of his career might not be. He started out as a singer in the [...]

TV Stand

Have you ever noticed when you buy something like a television it has a ton of extra packaging, a bunch of oddly shaped styrofoam pieces that never quite fit back in the same way and just end up in the trash.
Well one designer has tackled this problem, designing packaging for flat screen televisions that can [...]

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