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The Future is Now

Does anyone still remember a time when people predicted that you would be able to watch anything you wanted when ever you wanted? Any show on a whim? When we hit 1000+ channels people felt that was the way it was going to be, but it wasn’t. On-Demand costs money and there is a limit [...]

Just Sit Right Back And You’ll Hear a Tale, A Tale of A Fateful Trip

We all knew Bob Denver (Gilligan) was a stoner. Denver was arrested in 1998 for receiving some marijuana sent to him in a package through the mail. Originally he claimed that Dawn Wells (a.k.a. Mary-Ann) had sent it to him. He later recanted this statement and said that a crazy fan must have been the [...]

Ripped from the Headlines

Striking Law & Order writers are going to have a lot of headlines to rip from when they eventually return to work (assuming this strike does not mark the end of scripted television).
I came across this article in my favorite Reuters section, Oddly Enough. I could already see it forming as the plot of [...]

Calling All Rubes

While Josh has kept himself busy posting up and down on the site I have had a more leisurely past few days, relaxing and enjoying the break from everything afforded by Thanksgiving. But now I am back and ready to get posting again.
First up today we have a little something for all of you creative [...]

Theme Song

I am a sucker for nostalgia television.
Unfortunately I have found that a lot of the shows I loved as a kid just don’t live up to their hype. What never fails though are the opening credits of the shows. You remember those theme songs as if the shows just got canceled yesterday (or as if [...]

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