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You Know You Are Going To See This On “My Super Sweet 16″

Yeah, I admit I watch too much MTV that I actually know this show.
But anyway, moving beyond all of that, Tank-A-Lot is a UK company that rents out tanks and other army style vehicles like most companies rent out limos.
The site definitely has a sense of humor, and if you are in the UK actually [...]

Under the Sea

In honor of Columbus’s epic sea voyage to the “New World” we are going with a bit of a nautical theme today dealing with under water adventure.
We start today with a trip to Sweden, though it is just the end of the season there now, you may want to consider trying to get reservations [...]

Isn’t This How ‘The Fly’ Started

Yeah, I am aware that this is like seriously old news, especially with the story life-cycle that goes on in cyberspace, but still I have had it sitting waiting to be written about since the beginning of July (I saw the initial write up on the 11th) and, well, it is only fair that it [...]

Man versus Not-So-Wild

I am a fan of the Discovery Channel and the History Channel, they usually work nicely when there isn’t much on television, always nice to tune in and see what Mike Rowe is up to or to see some one struggling to survive on an crab fishing boat, driving to and from a diamond mind [...]

I Want to Fly Away*

*Or- Look Kids, Big Ben
So it is summer, for most people this is the time of year to take a vacation. Things at work have slowed down a bit, you have a little extra time on your hands around the office, so maybe it is time to put in for that vacation and get out [...]

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