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Flying High in Japan

I LOVE this story:
Towards the end of May, a drug dog at Narita Airport (Tokyo) failed to detect 142 grams (about 5 ounces) of pot in the side pocket of a passenger’s luggage. While this must be troubling for the Japanese officials, what is a bit more troubling is how they knew that the [...]

Airport Security Just Got That Much Scarier… Er… Safer

This week we have announcements of two developments that are bound to help out with airport security, protecting us from all thoe people planning to plant weapons in their shoes and making all of our lives easier by not having to take our shoes off at the airport.
First up we have the MagShoe “a high-speed, [...]

Couger Hunting in Kenya

Let’s start off with a quote from the article: ‘Kenya, a country … ‘just full of big young boys who like us older girls.’”
That would be a quote from Bethan, 56 and Allie, 64 two women from Southern England planning their first trip to Kenya. Apparently it has become quite the hot spot for older [...]

New Trends In Food To Go

First we have the noodle bar trend that we mentioned the other week, this has been going on for a bit and seems to be hitting its stride, what we have cropping up now is a trend in food on the move:
Of course we have the original Mister Softie, a NYC classic, not much needs [...]

Identifying the Dangers

Vermont and Washington are all set to be the first states to issue RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Chip) enhanced driver’s licenses. The programs and technology are in place in both states and plans are set to start churning them out in 2008.
The idea behind the RFID license would be to make border crossing easier between [...]

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