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Cue the John Williams Music (take 2)

Okay, besides Legos, and Indiana Jones (and what would seem like the ultimate linking of the two) you can add Star Wars to the list of nostalgia I like to write about.
I came across this article written by a toy designer who was contacted in 1998 to produce a line of toys for the Pepsi [...]

Buying Guns on the Internet

It is rare to find a site that so openly sells weapons on the internet and such an array of weapons as well is kind of unique: Frag Grenades to Sniper Rifles, Shotguns to Rocket Launchers and none of them for more then a dollar!
This would be a terrifying thing if the weapons in question [...]

Not a good day…

I was going to write about an article from the Roanoke Times (shout out to our homie at the Roanoke Times) about the history of toy guns and the new outcry being raised around the Nintendo Wii Zapper.
I even had a witty little intro about mistaking the Wii Zapper (pictured right) for a real gun [...]

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