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Cue the John Williams Music (take 2)

Okay, besides Legos, and Indiana Jones (and what would seem like the ultimate linking of the two) you can add Star Wars to the list of nostalgia I like to write about.
I came across this article written by a toy designer who was contacted in 1998 to produce a line of toys for the Pepsi [...]

Mad Skillz

Every now-and-then I come across a project that simply blows me away. Makes me wish I had the skills to create something of a similar nature. Unfortunately, most of these projects involve an advanced knowledge of wood working or a basic knowledge of electronics.
This one falls into the knowledge of electronics category. Maybe one day [...]

Not a good day…

I was going to write about an article from the Roanoke Times (shout out to our homie at the Roanoke Times) about the history of toy guns and the new outcry being raised around the Nintendo Wii Zapper.
I even had a witty little intro about mistaking the Wii Zapper (pictured right) for a real gun [...]

Keep on…dancing, smiling

The human-controlled robot dances and interacts.

Human social behavior shares much in common with dance. Our speech, as well as the movement of our body, head, and hands, is periodic and rhythmic. The goal of the BeatBots project is to develop robots that can interact with people by synchronizing with these social rhythms. We believe [...]

Don’t Stop Playing With Yourself

Now, you never need to stop playing with yourself. You can do it at work, on the train, in the yard. Any where you want!
And that’s not all, you can give yourself to your friends and let them play with you!
Yes, now’s your chance to become a real action figure for only $425 you can [...]

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