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Responding to the Terror Threat!

We must respond actively to those countries which support terrorism.  I suggest the following steps to reduce our economic reliance upon countries which threaten our very existence.
1.    Eliminate all commercial relations and/or trade of any kind with the following countries: Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria,  Afghanistan, Algeria, Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and [...]

Scared To Leave The House

Although I am not a paranoid shut-in, afraid to step out my door, positive that imminent disaster waits around every corner, this is the website that could definitely turn me into one. So, before you go and check it out, be forewarned: This is not for people who fear disaster.
The Global Incident Map is just [...]


We all know the pirates are big right now. Since Johnny Depp dawned mascara and started impersonating Keith Richards pirates have been on the rise and getting really popular. Based on this you would think an article about the rise in piracy would either be referring to bootleg DVDs or Hipsters in Williamsburg.
Instead we [...]

In the Intelligence Community,
the Kids Are Running the Candy Store
…but is that such a bad thing?

I live in Washington, DC so pretty much every third person I know is a spy. Intelligence runs like a leitmotif through every policy discussion in this town on Iraq, Iran, North Korea, China and terrorism. The talking heads on the all news channels and think tank policy wonks who focus on this issue [...]


You can’t make this up!
The NYTimes reports on the large peaceful uprising in Najaf.
The story includes this photo caption:
Col. Steven Boylan, an American military spokesman and aide to the commander of all American forces in Iraq, praised the peaceful nature of the demonstration, saying Iraqis “could not have done this four years ago,” the [...]

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