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Art Monday: Performance Edition

Today’s Art edition is composed of some videos and photography.
ImprovEverywhere is a group that has done some fun things around NYC, like ‘Freezing’ in Grand Central (which was later copied on an episode ofLaw & Order: SVU). Their latest project, called ‘Human Mirror,’ took 8 sets of twins and created a mirror effect on [...]

Cue the John Williams Music (take 2)

Okay, besides Legos, and Indiana Jones (and what would seem like the ultimate linking of the two) you can add Star Wars to the list of nostalgia I like to write about.
I came across this article written by a toy designer who was contacted in 1998 to produce a line of toys for the Pepsi [...]

Matt’s two great loves, together

And while we’re at it, looks like the Arabs have built their own death star.

A Long Time Ago…

There won’t be any surprise parties, but there will be countless tributes, re-showings, probably some cake, a few costumes here and there and a number of people feeling really old today.
Yes, Star Wars hits the big 3-0 today. And everyone should be aware of this. If you didn’t know, mark you calendar for big future [...]

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