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Alternative Sports

So, in case you haven’t quite figured it out yet, none of us here at American Madness are huge sports fans. This is especially true with the main stream sports: Football, Hockey, Baseball. Eh, whatever.
Though when it comes to alternative sports we’ve got them covered: Competitive Eating, Soccer (okay, a bit of a low blow [...]

Bring Your ‘A’ Game

Have you been reading some of the competitive eating articles I’ve posted and thought: “I bet I could do that. How hard can it be?”
I think that every now and then while watching competitive eaters. I know I can eat a lot if I have an appetite or not, and if they are eating the [...]

Going out with a Bang

As I have been blogging on it for the last two weeks I figured it was only fitting to follow up as well with the finally:
In an incredible competition last week Joey Chestnut downed 66 Nathan’s Hot Dogs in 12 minutes (or about 1 every 11 seconds), beating out the odds on favorite Takeru “The [...]

Once again, it’s on

So you may have noticed that I reported yesterday that The Tsunami, Kobayashi, might not compete in this year’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest on July 4th.
Well, I was wrong, he is competing. According to his manager, Kobayashi will definitely be competing in the competition. He wants to honor his mother, who passed away in March. [...]

Kobayashi Vs. Chestnut, the rematch that never was

In the world of competitive eating, few names are as big as Takeru “the Tsunami” Kobayashi; though, this year Joey Chestnut has been giving him a run for his money, breaking the Tsunami’s record in a qualifying event. All eyes were turned to the official Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Championships to be held at Coney [...]

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