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Fueling the Fire
(or: The Breasts the brought down the Governor)

While I will not focus on the direct implications of the Spitzer Scandal, let’s call it HookerGate, I do like the peripheral reporting and news that it generates.
First, the NY Times has excellent coverage about everything you might want to ever know about ‘Kristen,’ a.k.a. Ashley Alexandra Dupre, yes, including her real name and her [...]

Insert Spitzer Joke Here

With every media outlet around happy to have something other to report on then the election I figure why should I be left out.
I am going to elect not to focus so much on the scandal, but rather a NY Times article calling into question his bodyguards. Did he sneak away from them? Were they [...]

In all seriousness…Spitzer has to go

The NYTimes really amazes me sometimes. Are they so pusillanimous that they can’t simply call for the resignation of our disgraced governor?
it is hard to see how he will recover from this mess and go on to lead the reformist agenda on which he was elected to office.
It’s not “hard to see,” it’s impossible to [...]

7pm debate – Suozzi vs. Spitzer

I know most New Yorkers (and the vast majority of the press) believe that Eliot Spitzer will win the primary and general election hands down.
They question why Tom Suozzi is campaigning, in what appears to be a futile Sisyphusian ordeal.
I do not know why he is running, but I know that asking “why” is [...]

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