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And Some More Social Networking (well… kind of)

So, yesterday I posted about MyFrienemies. Today’s social network is for colour enthusiasts.
ColourLovers is a place to go to to talk about colors, your favorite palette, recent trends and fads in colors and the influence colours have. they are “a resource that monitors and influences color trends… a place to check out a world of [...]

Some More Social Networking

* So I found this new Social Networking site called MyFrienemies. The site defines Frienemy as “An enemy disguised as a friend, often responsible for causing unforeseen chaos and devastation under the guise of ‘friendship.’”
So, basically the idea behind the site is to post information about your frienemy listing what you dislike and what peeves [...]

It’s Just Like Emailing With Strangers

Ok, I came across this site and thought it was kind of neat*
Postcrossing is a project set up by some one who clearly likes to collect postcards from exotic locations without the hassle of actually traveling to them. Over 500,000 postcards have been sent so far, basically once you register you get a random address [...]

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