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Do You Think Maxwell Smart and James Bond Would be Friends?

Social Networking has just hit a new low–or high. I guess it kind of depends how you look at it. Anyway, the U.S. Intelligence community is planning on opening a new social network this December specifically aimed, well, at members of the US Intelligence community. Supposedly the idea behind it is to facilitate the sharing [...]

Call for Help: Veronica Seeks Sweet Bkln Apt

New Yorkers are just soulless about real estate. Not a single one of you commented or emailed to help Veronica find an apartment.
We understand. New York real estate is cutthroat. But come on, people? You’ll get another chance….we’ll see how you do then. But that’s it. Two chances. This ain’t baseball, people. This ain’t Hinduism. [...]

Online narcissism

I know Matt is a big fan of GoodReads, but I have to say it’s pretty dorky to get these updates telling me about all the wonderful literary explorations of friends and colleagues.
It’s the same kind of dorkiness college Freshman demonstrate when they open their doors and blast the latest tunes to demonstrate their wonderful [...]

What are you reading?

A friend just introduced me to Good Reads, a website for those of us who still read books and have lives off-line. Basically it is yet another social networking site, but this one is based off of your reading interests. Invite your friends and compare books you have read and books you have in common. [...]

Picnic Mobs

Are you in to picnic-ing and meeting new people? If so this could be the website for you to check out:
PicnicMob is just that, a network that connects people who like to picnic and meet new folks can sign up for “flash mob” type picnics. To try and make things work a little better [...]

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