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Body Farm

Good news! Now you can help advance the cause of medical science, even after you’re dead!:
A biological anthropology professor at the University of Northern Iowa, Tyler O’Brien, envisions turning some prime pasture in the Midwestern state into a body farm, where human bodies — buried, stuffed in car trunks or exposed to the elements [...]

Eating Lemons

Ever eat a lemon?
Picture a series of lemon-eating, funky-lip faces, a wonderful Andy Warhol montage. I would pay $400 Zlotys to see it at New York’s Whitney Museum. I would pay $280 Zlotys to see it at the San Antonio Museum for the Arts. In Burkina Faso you might have [...]

Intercepted Email Department

To: Heads of Sales & Marketing
Re: Keeping your jobs and our pricing strategy
It has come to senior management’s attention that we’re spending tens of thousands of dollars a year trying to figure out how to price our items. People, I don’t care if that’s what they teach you at Harvard, Yale, or Wharton. At [...]

At The Motor Vehicle Division

Today I visited the Motor Vehicle Division to renew my driver’s license. I thought the photo came out a little better than most:

Boomers and What They Lick

There is the old joke about a couple of men at a party watching the dog of the house as he licked his private parts.
?I wonder why he does that,? one wondered.
The other smiled and said ?Because he can.?

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