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Self-funding regulation:
Another stupid idea

Response to Top Securities Lawyers Call for Self-Funded S.E.C., in which it is stated that “Forty leading securities lawyers urged Congress on Friday to allow the S.E.C. to keep the hundreds of millions of dollars in fees it collects each year and use them to support its operations”:
We select among a series of bad options. [...]

How can anyone oppose regulating the Markets?

From the NY Times today we read of a new Bill to regulate the Markets.Today the House of Representatives passed legislation aimed at curbing the worst excesses of Wall Street.  The bill would “…create a new consumer financial-protection agency to squelch unfair and abusive practices; and for the first time, regulate over-the-counter derivatives markets. The [...]

SEC Hedge Fund Registration is a Joke

Politicians are continually whining about how hedge funds need to be registered. Many already are because some large investors insist on it. Others don’t register. They don’t need to to raise money and they don’t want the hassle. But it’s not much trouble, really, because the registration reporting requirements, so far as I can tell, [...]

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