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The Wall Street Draft: How to Revive Interest in a Financial Career among Students

Over the last two decades, much has been made about Wall Street firms attracting the best young intellectual talent from our nation’s top colleges and universities.  In a different era, the business, finance and economics majors were funneled into management training programs at General Electric or IBM.  Engineering majors designed planes for Boeing, weapons for [...]

Endogeous market euphoria presages collapse

“If only to confirm the socionomic causality at work, an economist quoted in the article above muses, “The one anomaly in the puzzle is that people shouldn’t be feeling better because the jobs market is so terrible and unemployment is likely to keep rising.” Of course it would be an anomaly, and people should not [...]

Yeah…economy…still not so good

Bob Herbert in the NYTimes today:
“For those concerned with the economic viability of the American family going forward, the plight of young workers, especially young men, is particularly frightening. The percentage of young American men who are actually working is the lowest it has been in the 61 years of record-keeping, according to the Center [...]

Sausage Party!

Gastronomically, classy chefs were getting really into the nasty bits.

The “Best Men” for the job

There’s been quite a lot written about executive compensation now that Obama has made it clear the banks accepting government money will only be allowed to pay $500k in cash to their chiefs (it’s a bit more complicated than that, but whatever).
The push back is that companies can’t get the best people for those prices. [...]

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