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RIAA Lawsuit Setback… Kinda…

Earlier in the week there were a few news stories around that caught my eye, but I was hesitant to post them. ‘Why?’ you ask, well it was April 1st and I tend to take any news that comes out on April 1st with a grain of salt. Since there hasn’t been any retraction of [...]

Cross-Over Appeal

According to everyone’s favorite semi-authoritative,mostly accurate source, Wikipedia:
In 2006, [Deepak] Chopra launched Virgin Comics LLC alongside his son, Gotham Chopra, and Richard Branson, famed entrepreneur and thrill-seeker. The aim of the company is to promote and examine South Asian themes and culture through the use of the traditional comic book medium. [9]
Well, since 2006 it [...]

Read a Banned Book

Each year some Nazi-like parents in the middle of the country feel that some fantastic book is offensive and should be banned from libraries. Pretty much it depends on the community to decide whether to follow through on this parents request and ban the book or to allow freedom of speech to prevail and make [...]

Perfect (mis)Timing

Last week I broke down and decided to pay $15 for access to TimesSelect. Today, the New York Times eliminated the program and made the newspapers columnists and archive free!
They had FINALLY worn me down. I’m the last one to splurge on a new item. I’ve got a television set from 1984 (the most amazing [...]

Google joins the corporate pack

I must agree with the initial thesis my colleague Adam, who writes that Google Was Evil, Is Evil, and Will Be Evil. I urge him to stick to his guns, despite a polite reply to Philipp Lenssen of Google Blogoscoped, who has challenged the (clearly prevalent) viewpoint that Google has shed its (apparently gilded) [...]

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