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Every now and then criminals do things that just baffle me. Like posting details about their crimes on the internet.
Associated Press has an article today about Lt. Charles Cohen who goes around talking with police officers and detectives about the internet, specifically sites like MySpace, Facebook and Second Life.
Basically what Lt. Cohen is lecturing about [...]

Deserve To Be Caught

We have another two-fer today: Stupid Criminals.
First up, we have a man in Suffolk County, NY who tried to rob a convenience store with a gun. Unfortunately it was either a toy gun or he was totally unwilling to use it (which technically wouldn’t be unfortunate, though if you are going to rob a store [...]

I Fought The Law… We’ll See Who Wins

So, as I mentioned here on Friday I was planning on having a stoop & pie sale on Sunday. I posted about it here, mentioned it on Craigslist and figured, really, what better way to advertise for a stoop sale then by posting fliers up in the neighborhood, let people know that I’ll be out [...]

Computer Frustration

So we jump from tossing cell phones around for fun to throwing a computer out the window out of frustration.
On Saturday night the police in Berlin got a call reporting a disturbance to the peace. They rode out to discover a smashed computer on a sidewalk. When they questioned the 51 year old involved [...]

The Day The [Mister Softee] Music Died

So, this has just been a day of follow-ups: Ice, Bottled Water and now, Mister Softee.
The New York Times had an article this past weekend about the new noise code that has gone into effect (as of July 1st) regarding noise in the city. According to the NYC. gov website:
Noise complaints continue to be [...]

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