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George Orwell on Eric Blair

Eric Blair lived an interesting life. It should come as a surprise to no one that this life was noted, recorded and dissected into the daily pages of a journal. Now into the blogosphere come daily notations made by the man who would take the nom de plume George Orwell published 70 years to the [...]

Tuesday’s random artistic attempt

I’m so busy lately that I can’t even meet friends for lunch (though I did manage that today). So, when a friend suggested we meet tomorrow, we ruled out lunch, dinner or coffee.
She asked, “How about a cigarette break without cigarettes.” Just walking around the block seemed less than productive, so I suggested we [...]

DIY Planning Templates

I’m a complete freak for organizational tools. I don’t subscribe to a particular system (such as Franklin Covey, which my friend Rick has mastered), but I do give a lot of thought to ease of use and effectiveness, especially as compared to slickness and coolness.
So I was a little too excited at running across [...]

When Wall Street hurts the poor, it hurts itself

In the recent years leading up the subprime crisis it seemed as if the fortunes of the rich and poor had taken divergent paths. In hindsight, the fates of the rich and poor were inexorably linked.

This Post 82% Certified Green

Apparently Penelope Cruz is jumping on the Green bandwagon as the lead story on Yahoo “What are some inexpensive tips to turn my house green?” This is just another of the bullshit Green articles I will not link to.
First off, why does Penelope Cruz need “inexpensive” tips? Did she gamble all of her money away [...]

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