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Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein

David Barsalou has taken the time to go back and track down the original comics of over 60 of Roy Lichtenstein’s works, he then compiled them next to the Lichtenstein prints and posted them online.
You get to see a comprehensive overview of Lichtenstein’s source materials and see how closely he interpreted/copied the originals. Some controversy [...]

Sketch it

Do you have incredible skills with a digital paintbrush? Love tooling around in Photoshop and creating really nice images to impressive your friends with? Well then Sketchfu is the site for you.
Oh, you don’t have those incredible skills? Well, neither do I, but Sketchfu is still pretty fun. Pretty much it is an online doodle [...]

100 Years of Taxis and Flowers

So, the other morning I only caught part of the NY1 report on this project, caught it while rushing to get dressed and get to work, so it didn’t have my full attention either. What I heard was that as a celebration of 100 years of motorized taxis in the city they were putting decals [...]

Banksy is THE MAN! (or possibly THE WOMAN!)

Well, not “The Man” as in big government. “The Man” as in really awesomely cool (and yes I realize this is the second post today to use awesome and I warn you, it may not be the last).
Let’s start at the beginning, you know who Banksy is, right? You don’t? Well here is his (or [...]

Talking About Some Hot Stuff

So, while it may seem like I am shilling for a friend here, that is only partially true. I really like these T-shirts, I have most of the Beautiful/Decay Artist series shirts. Beautiful/Decay’s most recent line has shirts designed by Dust La Rock, Jesse LeDoux, Aaron Noble and, my favorite, Jan Kallwejt.
The shirts are available [...]

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