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Rocky Gets Rocky

All the hundreds of fans who packed the Philadelphia streets Saturday for an open casting call for extras for the new Rocky movie needed was a picture, a resume and a simple message that would have made the fictional ex-champ proud: “Yo, pick me!” Fifteen years after starring in Rocky V, Sylvester Stallone is [...]

On Tour?Not

I thought that once you publish a book, the next order of business is to propel yourself into the life of the touring author: parties, book signings, adulation and groupies (with teeth, preferably).
What has surprised me about the launch of Stooples: Office Tools for Hopeless Fools (St. Martins Press) is the complete lack of [...]

Eating Lemons

Ever eat a lemon?
Picture a series of lemon-eating, funky-lip faces, a wonderful Andy Warhol montage. I would pay $400 Zlotys to see it at New York’s Whitney Museum. I would pay $280 Zlotys to see it at the San Antonio Museum for the Arts. In Burkina Faso you might have [...]

Google Labs: Wall Street

Picking up on John Battelle’s concept of the database of intentions, I was thinking yesterday about where Google and its rivals will eventually end up in the business world. All the major search portals are adding new features everyday, and acquiring new companies in a race to become the most sought after site on [...]

Balancing Programming with Writing

For me, the great downfall of technology has always been that writers and publishers encounter so many technical issues whenever they venture online that they have no time left to actually write. This has been my unfortunate situation for the past few days, as I attempted to redesign my website to incorporate some unobtrusive [...]

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