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Torn – Another O’Reilly Cover-Up?

I am not a big Bill O’Reilly fan… Well, technically I guess that is not true. Every now and then when nothing else is on TV I like to flip to his show to get a good laugh about some ridiculous belief he has about how people in this country actually are or his take [...]

New York Post Tests Its Photographers

PDN Post reports that last month, David Boyle from the NY Post asked his freelance photographers to stop by his office and prove they were still worthy of having their pictures sold to the Post.
Apparently to prove their worthiness photographers were made to register their cameras, to prove they had professional equipment of their own [...]

Why Do They Do This?

You know how every now and then you come across an article in a newspaper or magazine and after reading feel like you are owed that time back from the reporter? Well, that is why we have a “Poor Journalism” tag, that way, when we find these articles we can call the author out for [...]

Keep It Clean

How is it that a billboard, set for Time Square, featuring the bottoms of six ordinary folks (well, okay, they are probably models, but still…) advertising for a new toilet seat/bidet hybrid can be banned, but there is no problem with a billboard right down the block of porn star Jenna Jamison advertising for Vivid [...]

If You Don’t Read This You Might Die

Well that seems to be the headline in most tabloid newspapers and on the news every other day so I figured I’d see how it works here.
Have you ever noticed that Newspapers and News program tend to over exaggerate a problem to turn it into what they consider to be real and important news? [...]

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