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Innovative Advertising

The New Museum is re-opening its doors to the public very shortly. In fact it opens to the public on Saturday. If you live in New York you may have seen some of the banners proclaiming its arrival or some of the posters that have been plastered up all over the place.
One of the more [...]

Poor Josh


As I just read that Josh is a bit under the weather and has been outsourcing the blog to expats and long dead writers, I just wanted to give him a little bit of a hand, ease the pressure off of him, give him a little chance to recover and not have to post chapters [...]


Sorry for the lack of posts through out the day, but I was updating my computer, installing a new operating system and making sure all my programs were running properly (and that I didn’t lose any information in the cross over).
And speaking of updates, just yesterday we posted about Patrick Moberg who was searching for [...]

Looking For Love

Okay, it is clear that this is making its way around the internet right now and people seem to be eager to help this guy out. Clever concept, and you know this is going to be the next “big” thing or at least a trend for the next 3 months until it fades into the [...]

Deserve To Be Caught

We have another two-fer today: Stupid Criminals.
First up, we have a man in Suffolk County, NY who tried to rob a convenience store with a gun. Unfortunately it was either a toy gun or he was totally unwilling to use it (which technically wouldn’t be unfortunate, though if you are going to rob a store [...]

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