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Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia

At least that is what H.G. Wells thought, too bad he was a little off.
With a nice long warm weekend coming up, what better to do then break out your bike and go for a ride.
Not sure where to go, well then you should visit RideTheCity. RideTheCity is a website similar to MapQuest or HopStop, [...]

Renaldo Clarke Scales NYTimes Building to Fight Malaria

Two people climbed the NYTimes building today. The initial reports seem to focus on the first ascender, a green activist with some stupid message about global warming, as if global warming needs any more media attention. However, soon after the first ascent, Renaldo Clarke began an ascent with a decidedly different message about a cause [...]

Back to the Future in Soho

I was strolling through Soho last weekend and I came across the Back to the Future car. I’ve got no idea how you get up to 88 mph on those cobblestones. Anyway, here are the pics.

Albany Screws NYC Again

I’ve written often on this site about the propaganda tactics used to create the false impression of a scientific consensus about the effect of C02 on the earth’s climate. Because of this many people probably don’t see me as an environmentalist, but the truth is that I do care deeply about creating a clean environment [...]

Barefoot and Pregnant in the Foundry

Okay, well maybe not pregnant… Apparently the NY Times is all up in arms over the “discovery” of the conditions under which NYC manhole covers are made in India. A photo on the cover of the times (and right there to the right) shows bare foot, bare-chested, Indian men working in iron foundries producing [...]

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