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When it happens with New York Magazine, well, I don’t mind, ’cause, really, who reads New York Magazine?
When it happens with the New York Times, that’s a different story.
Buying into the Green Movement is an article that discusses how just because a product is labeled ‘green’ or ‘organic’ doesn’t necessarily make it better for the [...]

Get Your Drink On

Following up on Josh’s Thursday post on New York Roof Top Bars. I have a few more resources for those looking to score a drink after work one day.
First up we have New York On Tap, claiming to be “Your map to every bar in New York City.” A mighty big claim there, especially with [...]

Things Working Out

Isn’t it nice when things just fall into place? So, I have this recipe, I can’t take credit for it unfortunately, but it is a great recipe, especially on hot summer days like today. Unfortunately I couldn’t really think of a decent post to go with it besides “This is a great recipe.”
Then today [...]

Pop & Porn Princesses Pick Prez Potential

As it is an election year, most of us, I am sure, have been waiting to choose which presidential hopeful we will be supporting based on which celebrities have come out in support of them. Well, this just in:
New York Magazine’s Daily Intelligencer reports that both Christina Aguilera (that would be the Pop) and Jenna [...]

Ever get the feeling some one is watching you?

So, either American Madness is so in tune with what is going on and what is big out there or someone is reading American Madness and not crediting us with our genius.
Tuesday afternoon, after posting the blog entry about the Snoopy Snow Cone Maker, I received this email in my mailbox:
Snow Blowing

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