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Could This Be More Self-Referential?

On Monday I posted a link to New York Magazine who had a recipe for a bacon infused Old Fashion and directions for making bacon infused Bourbon. I remain skeptical about Bacon infused bourbon. Regardless, showing themselves a little love, Grub Street, one of New York Magazines Blogs picked up the post and added into [...]

Going Overboard With Bacon

So, you might think this is going to be a post about boats and bacon or seafaring bacon or even bacon life preservers or something, but no, when I say going overboard, I mean too much bacon.
New York Magazine has a recipe for a Bacon-Infused Old Fashion from PDT. Part one of the recipe is [...]

Sneak Peek

So, it is obvious we are fans of New York Magazine. We’ve used their content (usually crediting them). They’ve used our content (sometimes crediting us).
Any-hoo, it just came across my inbox that they are doing a website re-design which will probably launch next Friday. If you’d like to see a little preview of what the [...]

Lists Madness

While it might seem like I all of a sudden have found a ton to say after quite a bit of silence, what really is going on is that when I come across a link I want to write about I keep it open until I have some free time (or bookmark them until I [...]

Maybe I am Just Paranoid…

When it was just a few articles here and there posted days after we posted them folks started saying it was just a “coincidence” that New York Magazine had written about the exact same thing that we had just covered.
Now, I am getting a little scared. I have had a small bottle of Lucid Absinthe [...]

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