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More Art for Wednesday

Well, I guess it is technically for Thursday.
Starting tomorrow and running through October 13th, the city is getting 4 waterfalls. Olafur Eliasson’s “The New York City Waterfalls” has been installed around the city. Although organized by the City and the Public Art Fund, the project is totally funded from private supporters, corporations and other foundations, [...]

Corrupted Calorie Counting

First a welcome back to me, I am once again trying to get back to writing on a regular basis, I am going to try and start off slowly and build to my previous posting levels, so without further ado:

Here at AmericanMadness we have not been huge fans of the law that requires chain restaurants [...]

Albany Screws NYC Again

I’ve written often on this site about the propaganda tactics used to create the false impression of a scientific consensus about the effect of C02 on the earth’s climate. Because of this many people probably don’t see me as an environmentalist, but the truth is that I do care deeply about creating a clean environment [...]

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