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Guide To Imaginary Kosher Animals

I grew up in South Texas where the three main religions are Baptist, Catholic and other. So it took me quite a long time after moving to New York to grasp the entire “kosher” thing. Before I thought kosher meant a brand of pickle.
Over the years, I’ve had some wonderful discussions about what is, and [...]

Are You For Real?

I just discovered the Museum of Hoaxes, a blog dedicated to “Examining dubious-sounding claims and mischief of all kinds”
It is a fun little site where you can test yor knowledge of hoaxes, read up on some old urban legends and find out just how misguided and gullible you actually are. There are a lot of [...]

WTF Of the Day- Custom Creatures

Have you ever wanted a taxidermed animal in your home or office, but the usual rabbit/bird/squirrel/armadillo just aren’t quite what you are looking for? Well then just head on over to Custom Creatures.
At Custom Creatures Sarina Brewer is whipping up some nice taxidermy pieces of both the ordinary variety and the well, let’s go with [...]

Settling Some Myths

Okay, so since I have posted “Oh By The Way” I have received a number of comments about compact fluorescent lights (CFL) ranging from drying out your eyes, to containing mercury, to not really being more energy efficient then incandescent bulbs because they use so much more power in their start up. Well, I am [...]

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