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Bring That Beat Back

There is an interesting little article from this month’s Wired about the Rza from Wu-Tang Clan, well, actually more so about the music… Okay, the samples in the music.
Rza discusses some of the Kung-Fu movies samples he and the Wu-Tang clan have used in the past and Wired breaks it all down with the movie [...]

Shady Dealings

In the last two weeks Radiohead has been making a ton of news with the release of their new album In Rainbows. There has been a ton of hype surrounding it, as one of the most popular bands around decided to release their newest album directly over the internet and allowed customers to pay what [...]

Radiohead D-Day

Yes I Wrote about a week ago that the Radiohead album was coming out today and that it would only be available on their website and that it was a pay what you want deal (that would be here).
Well it comes as no surprise to anyone that it came out today and their site was [...]

Radiohead Fans Rejoice

So, it has been a day and a half since my last post so I am feeling a little rusty, I might have to take it a bit easy today to ease my way back into the whole blogging and typing thing, after all, I wouldn’t want to hurt myself or pull a finger muscle [...]

Free Music… for some

By now you must be familiar with services like iTunes or one of its many competitors trying to suck you dry of your hard earned cash.
Well, now there is a new player in the game: Spiral Frog. Similar in some aspects to iTunes it allows you to download music and videos over the internet from [...]

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