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What is due to two men who,
when whistling on either sides of the earth,
the same tune unearth?

First, the plaintiff needs to show that the defendant had access to the pirated material. And second, the defendant had to have improperly appropriated the material. Even without proof of “access,” however, a plaintiff may prevail if the similarities between songs are “so striking as to preclude the possibility that the plaintiff and the defendant [...]

Harold Hunter Day

Some of you may be asking who is Harold Hunter, others may already know. In 1995 Harold Hunter became one of the faces representing youth in New York City in the movie Kids, a few years later he ended up in the Joan Osborne video “One of Us.”
Harold was a member of the early [...]

RIAA Lawsuit Setback… Kinda…

Earlier in the week there were a few news stories around that caught my eye, but I was hesitant to post them. ‘Why?’ you ask, well it was April 1st and I tend to take any news that comes out on April 1st with a grain of salt. Since there hasn’t been any retraction of [...]


I recently came across the site RCRDLBL, add some vowels and you’ve got Record Label, which is the idea behind the site. It is a chance for musicians to have their music heard and maybe make some money. As they say “RCRD LBL is an online record label releasing exclusive and completely free music from [...]

O, Housing Bubble

Slow day, eh? Everyone’s already in holiday mode.
I went on a LOOOOONG lunch today and got to talking with a new friend about the follies shows we put on (most recently I posted about the Bloomberg parody video and Gawker picked up on it, too).
She asked how long it took me to write the song [...]

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