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Online Comparison Shopping… By Phone

It’s just a mobile phone day around these parts-
I am a comparative price shopper. I will spend a day pricing a single item at 3 or 4 different stores, return to the second store, you know, the one that had the cheaper price, and then decide to wait until I check how much the item [...]

Those Crazy Finns

Have you ever been pissed at your mobile phone?
I mean really pissed, to the point where you just want to take it throw it across a room.
Apparently the Finnish get that way some times, in fact it occurs so much that they started the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship. The competition has been going on [...]

Breaking News – Verizon Stores Will Be Open Today

As many people know today is D-Day* for the long awaited iPhone, the next generation iPod that is also a phone, is being released today at 6pm. While I am sure lines have been forming for the last few days for the new AT&T phone (because it is a sure sign a product will be [...]

Sometimes You Just Have to GO

So, while you are at the park doing your work you realize maybe you shouldn’t have had that Extra Large Coffee and the bottle of water cause now you are in the middle of Bryant park and your really need to pee. You have a few options, finding a restaurant and buying the cheapest item [...]

Hypocrite of the day: Carole Migden

So, at first I thought it was going to be a slow news day for the blog. After last nights rant on Citysearch, I was a bit warn out from ranting and there was nothing particularly topical that I wanted to write about today. Then I came across this tidbit that writes itself, so here [...]

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