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It’s been a good long while since we have had really ridiculous product to mock discuss here.
Today though is just a jackpot of a day where we have come across not one, but two totally different products worthy of being called out for this distinction.
First up we have Phone Fingers. “What’s a Phone Finger?” you [...]

Don’t Call Me

Remember about 5 years ago when everyone was all abuzz about the new “Do Not Call ” Registry? You signed up and it prevented telemarketers from getting your information and calling you. Great idea, and for the most part it worked. If you are still receiving what you believe to be are telemarketer calls, well [...]


Have you ever found yourself lost in the woods, scrounging for food and forced to make a life or death decision on weather you think that mushroom there is poisonous or not?
Well then maybe you won’t find this too useful- But for other adventurers out there, Austrian scientists have developed a software program for cell [...]

I’m Popular and, Gosh Darnit, People Like Me!

Have you ever gotten yourself into a situation you wish you had an out from? A bad date maybe? A business meeting you just couldn’t take anymore?* Or, Maybe you just feel like all of your friends are always getting so many phone calls and you never get any? Well, now you can change all [...]


According to Pocket-lint Motorola just inked a deal with Microvision to produce a prototype of a cell phone with a laser projection unit built in. Folks are saying that while this is an innovative concept it is going to add a significant bulk to cell phones as well as such an added drain to the [...]

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