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Scared To Leave The House

Although I am not a paranoid shut-in, afraid to step out my door, positive that imminent disaster waits around every corner, this is the website that could definitely turn me into one. So, before you go and check it out, be forewarned: This is not for people who fear disaster.
The Global Incident Map is just [...]

One More Time, With Feeling

WeFeelFine is a project I learned about at the Beautiful/Decay: Vis/Ed event last week.
To learn more about Jonathan Harris, the mind behind WeFeelFine you can watch a video of him talking about this project and his new project, Universe on CoolHunting. Anyway…
WeFeelFine is a project that… Well, actually, they have a really good description of [...]

Bad Neighbor Policy

Do you have awful neighbors? Maybe a slum lord managing your building? Feel like you have no recourse about the problems you are dealing with in your current situation? Well, that really kind of sucks. And this isn’t going to make things too much better for you, but it will help others from falling into [...]

Cheap Maps

Yes, I know this has been slowly making its way around the net this week and when I first saw ti I wasn’t too excited about it. But then I took a little while and actually checked it out- it is kind of useful and definitely worth peeking at, especially if you are in [...]

Open House New York

Next weekend we have one of my favorite city wide events happening:
Open House New York is a day when a number New York buildings and sites throw their doors open and invite the public to come and see what they’ve got going on. This is the 5th year te program has been running and each [...]

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