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The Democratic campaign, summarized

Let Us Decide On Who You Vote For

At first I was totally outraged when I read about GlassBooth. That in itself isn’t much I realize, I get outrage over a bunch of things, some not even that significant and some, once I have had a bit of time to reflect and have actually looked at the site or read the article I [...]

Democrats are Pansies

In 1998 President Clinton discreetly got a BJ in his office. Okay, maybe it wasn’t the best thinking on his part to do this while on the phone with some other world leaders, but hey, no one lost their life over it.
Months later, when this news leaked out, the Republicans (and folks at Fox [...]

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    As with Anna Karina, we prefer to remember the U.S.A as she was in the 1960s.
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