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Journalists will believe anything with a percentage attached

Stephen Bernard of the Associated Press probably wouldn’t believe for one second that I could tell him, to the pound, the weight of all the rocks that fell off the Rocky Mountains during the past week. But he will — apparently without a scintilla of doubt — report that some company knows how much [...]

A basic problem of logic

Today’s NYTimes contains an article by Ron Lieber that I’ve read hundreds of times in different guises by different authors.
The basic argument is “buy and hold”: keep your money in the stock market during this blip because you’ll be sorry if you miss a resurgence. Articles like this explain that, yes, it would be [...]

Why Wall Street needs Caveat emptor

On the 4th of July, I got into an argument with a cute Wharton grad who is now working on Wall Street. As she was clearly a red state Republican at heart, I asked if she was part of the sub-30% of Americans who give George Bush a positive approval rating. She said she was, [...]

NYC Rooftop Bars: The Complete List

The definitive American Madness list of New York City rooftop bars. Obviously, if we’re missing any, please let us know!
(Last update: April 25, 2010.)
A spreadsheet of the bars listed below is available at American Madness NYC Rooftop Bars: The Spreadsheet.
230 Fifth
230 5th Ave (26/27)
Review: This is the most expansive and beautiful rooftop bar in the [...]

7pm debate – Suozzi vs. Spitzer

I know most New Yorkers (and the vast majority of the press) believe that Eliot Spitzer will win the primary and general election hands down.
They question why Tom Suozzi is campaigning, in what appears to be a futile Sisyphusian ordeal.
I do not know why he is running, but I know that asking “why” is [...]

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