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Keep on…dancing, smiling

The human-controlled robot dances and interacts.

Human social behavior shares much in common with dance. Our speech, as well as the movement of our body, head, and hands, is periodic and rhythmic. The goal of the BeatBots project is to develop robots that can interact with people by synchronizing with these social rhythms. We believe [...]

Everyone’s Related?

My cousin recently sent me a link to, and I became addicted. It’s an interactive virtual family tree, and it rocks. The interface is extremely simple to use: you set up a profile, click on the pink or blue arrows to add parents, siblings, spouses, etc. And then you keep going.
So far my family [...]

Take a note of that, will you?

I have a friend who, prior to getting his BlackBerry, was a huge fan of Jott.
We’d be out and I’d mention an event to him or something coming up and he would call Jott and have an email sent to himself to remind him about it.
Jott is like that personal assistant you wish you had. [...]

It’s Just Like Emailing With Strangers

Ok, I came across this site and thought it was kind of neat*
Postcrossing is a project set up by some one who clearly likes to collect postcards from exotic locations without the hassle of actually traveling to them. Over 500,000 postcards have been sent so far, basically once you register you get a random address [...]

Writing On The Wall

I’ve been meaning to write a post about graffiti. It is one of those perennial hot topics. Give it some time and something will turn up about it (and usually New York City Councilman Peter Vallone will have something to say about it). Well, I actually have had two things pop up, neither one really [...]

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