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The Conscience of Humanity

In a New York Times article reported by William Glaberson, entitled “Judge Orders Five Detainees Freed From Guantanamo,” Mr. Glaberson states that:
Ruling from the bench, Judge Richard J. Leon of Federal District Court in Washington said that the information gathered on the men had been sufficient to hold them for intelligence purposes, but was not [...]

NYC Health Department Gestapo Cracks Down on Calories

The NYC Health Department is putting its jackboot on the throat of NYC restaurant owners: post calorie counts or face a fine. According to the New York Times, the clipboard and food thermometer wielding health department Gestapo is wasting no time slapping restaurateurs with violations. “City health inspectors began issuing violation notices on Monday to [...]

Live Free or Die – Tyranny in Kindergarten

Mrs. WineHazard and I find ourselves in New Hampshire this weekend. Travelzoo ran a special off season rate for hotel rooms on Lake Winnipesaukee, and we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to leave the city for some Americana.

Inside of our quaint room at the inn was a copy of the local newspaper, Weirs [...]

NY Spending

Well, neither of these are particularly recent stories, but I was just going through a list of things I meant to blog about last month and never got around to.
I figure posting them together with some related topic will work for now. As for the others, I figure there is a reason I didn’t [...]

Do You Think Maxwell Smart and James Bond Would be Friends?

Social Networking has just hit a new low–or high. I guess it kind of depends how you look at it. Anyway, the U.S. Intelligence community is planning on opening a new social network this December specifically aimed, well, at members of the US Intelligence community. Supposedly the idea behind it is to facilitate the sharing [...]

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