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About Yesterday

You may have noticed yesterday we posted about the history of April Fools Day. I included the quote:
Every year on April 1 the unwitting, the gullible and the plain stupid are caught out by tall stories or practical jokes. But why do people play these jokes at all?
and followed that up saying I would [...]

Google’s New Projects

From Google we have two new releases today, Virgile and Google Custom Time.
Virgile is a joint venture between Google and Virgin (you know, that mega-company that is working on taking over the world… and possibly more from the looks of things) that looks to the future with a plan to Colonize Mars. It seems pretty [...]

Cheap Maps

Yes, I know this has been slowly making its way around the net this week and when I first saw ti I wasn’t too excited about it. But then I took a little while and actually checked it out- it is kind of useful and definitely worth peeking at, especially if you are in [...]


Yes, it sounds like gibberish, but apparently it is an all-in-one search engine/desktop utility- It has a clock, calendar, notepad, calculator, Google-powered search engine, plus a number of other links, features and functions.
What I really like about Poodwaddle isn’t any of that- it is the special clocks page.
So you click on the clocks link [...]

Google’s $5 Billion Lawsuit

Google is being sued yet again. They must be pretty used to this feeling by now. It is starting to seem like every other day produces a new lawsuit for Google. A lot of the suits they settle out of court, especially the ones involving product theft and stolen ideas. They figure keeping their name [...]

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