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It’s Not Like Gasoline Grows On Trees. Oh Wait…

If it hadn’t been published 6 days prior to the 1st I would assume this wasn’t for real, in fact it is so unbelievable I am just going to start off by quoting the first line: “Farmers in North Queensland are doing their bit to be environmentally friendly by investing in a tree that produces [...]

Live Free or Die – Tyranny in Kindergarten

Mrs. WineHazard and I find ourselves in New Hampshire this weekend. Travelzoo ran a special off season rate for hotel rooms on Lake Winnipesaukee, and we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to leave the city for some Americana.

Inside of our quaint room at the inn was a copy of the local newspaper, Weirs [...]

Invest Wisely with Gen-X

Thrasher Funds is a mutual fund management company that that is choosing a different marketing ploy to connect with its potential investors.
Rather then targeting your traditional investor, they are looking for the non-traditional (shocking, I know) younger investor. Folks from the Gen-X and Gen-Y groups who are weary of the typical stuffed shirts down on [...]

In the Intelligence Community,
the Kids Are Running the Candy Store
…but is that such a bad thing?

I live in Washington, DC so pretty much every third person I know is a spy. Intelligence runs like a leitmotif through every policy discussion in this town on Iraq, Iran, North Korea, China and terrorism. The talking heads on the all news channels and think tank policy wonks who focus on this issue [...]

The Pepsi Generation

Well, that was one generation name that never quite stuck did it, too bad for that failed campaign, otherwise we might have a definitive name for the current generation. Another meeting attended, another tidbit of information to throw up here (take that how you will).
There were the Baby-Boomers, Gen-X and now we have the Me-llennials.
Me-llennials [...]

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