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Sausage Party!

Gastronomically, classy chefs were getting really into the nasty bits.

AM at Dinner: Slurp

Matt, Josh and myself, along with Mrs. Matt, were on hand for the opening of Lower East Side Vietnamese noodle house Slurp.
Matt had been anxiously monitoring its construction so we were excited to see what they had to offer.
First, let’s chat about the only reason to write about a restaurant: the food. There were some [...]

Fat Assed Americans

Forbes just published an article: America’s Most Obese Cities.
Unfortunately the news in this article isn’t that surprising. Americans tend to be obese, shocking. This obesity is caused, at least in part, by eating poorly and being lazy. Did I mention how shocked I was by this information. High poverty rates also tend to add [...]

New Trends In Food To Go

First we have the noodle bar trend that we mentioned the other week, this has been going on for a bit and seems to be hitting its stride, what we have cropping up now is a trend in food on the move:
Of course we have the original Mister Softie, a NYC classic, not much needs [...]

Cook. Eat. Drink. Live. Review.

Friday and Saturday did not have the nicest weather, from the misting all day Friday to the pouring almost all throughout Saturday. It was just really pretty wet. That made it the perfect combination of days to spend indoors at the Cook. Eat. Drink. Live. event on the pier.
Now first, let me bitch for a [...]

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