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Everyone can graduate from college, right?

“Because economic progress and educational achievement go hand in hand, educating every American student to graduate prepared for college and success in a new work force is a national imperative,” the White House said in a statement. “Meeting this challenge requires that state standards reflect a level of teaching and learning needed for students to [...]

Live Free or Die – Tyranny in Kindergarten

Mrs. WineHazard and I find ourselves in New Hampshire this weekend. Travelzoo ran a special off season rate for hotel rooms on Lake Winnipesaukee, and we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to leave the city for some Americana.

Inside of our quaint room at the inn was a copy of the local newspaper, Weirs [...]

Specious fear mongering on global warming

It’s worth zooming ahead to see the chart breakdown. Basically, he offers a choice (do something/do nothing) based on the premise that global warming (if not fought) will devastate humanity. It’s an absurd argument because we can’t predict how awful global warming will be.

What’s The Matter With Kids These Days?

I get such glee about reading about idiocy, usually while thinking “You must be f#cking kidding me!!”
And today we have a two-fer:
First up we’ve got a school district in Atlantic City, NJ that has suspended a seven year-old due to “the school’s zero-tolerance policy for guns.”
Now, guns in school are generally considered a bad thing, [...]

NY Spending

Well, neither of these are particularly recent stories, but I was just going through a list of things I meant to blog about last month and never got around to.
I figure posting them together with some related topic will work for now. As for the others, I figure there is a reason I didn’t [...]

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