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The Decline and Fall of the U.S. – more of a trope every day

David Michael from Eugene, Oregon writes on the NYTimes’ boards today in response to Friedman’s latest column:
After having built a large home in Oregon during our “raising kids” days that cost over half a million, I find it ironic that my wife and I now live in a 200 foot square box that moves around [...]

Commercial real estate will be just fine

For months now, ZeroHedge and unfortunately other bloggers and even some mainstream publications have been warning of an impending commercial real estate meltdown that’s supposedly going to crush banks, petrify credit markets, stall the economy’s V-shaped rebound, and usher in an epoch of plague, locust, boils and the slaying of every real estate lender’s first-born. [...]

Endogeous market euphoria presages collapse

“If only to confirm the socionomic causality at work, an economist quoted in the article above muses, “The one anomaly in the puzzle is that people shouldn’t be feeling better because the jobs market is so terrible and unemployment is likely to keep rising.” Of course it would be an anomaly, and people should not [...]

Yeah…economy…still not so good

Bob Herbert in the NYTimes today:
“For those concerned with the economic viability of the American family going forward, the plight of young workers, especially young men, is particularly frightening. The percentage of young American men who are actually working is the lowest it has been in the 61 years of record-keeping, according to the Center [...]

The Santa Claus Economy

I could scarcely be more disgusted with the way the Obama administration is dealing with the largest economic crisis since the Great Depression.
Let us look at the facts soberly and simply:
1) A lot of people and organizations bet a lot of money on overvalued or extremely risky assets.
2) We do not make and export very [...]

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