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Tune in after the election for leadership

“It’s hard to draw conclusions about her management style, because she is, in fact, not the manager of her campaign.”
- Hillary Clinton senior adviser Harold Ickes
The New York Times does a great job with this morning’s article on the Clinton campaign’s utter lack of direction or leadership.
I’m really really really tired of the press [...]

Health Questions for the Presidential Candidates

[ This opinion piece appeared in the Wall Street Journal on February 20. It is reprinted here with the permission of author Betsy McCaughey Ross, a former lieutenant governor of New York, currently serving as an adjunct senior fellow at the Hudson Institute (the original "think tank"). ]
On March 4, voters in the [...]

Presidential candidates and their gun lust

In her column in today’s New York Times, 2/23/08, “A Bad Year to be a Mallard,” Gail Collins quotes several of the current and former candidates regarding their liking for hunting:
“I’m pretty sure there will be duck hunting in heaven, and I can’t wait.”
— Mike Huckabee
“I’ve been a hunter pretty much all my life.”
— Mitt [...]

Obama is huge in Japan

The Guardian reports that Obama receives backing of Obama (Obama Japan, that is).
As the race for the nomination heated up, the town’s tourism office received a stream of calls from locals wishing Obama well. On Super Tuesday, supporters nervously clutched photos of Obama as they watched the results come in at their makeshift headquarters in [...]

Does your candidate have music?

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