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Same Story, Different Details

This is kind of a sad one (2).
The remains of Hedviga Golik were found last month in her apartment in Croatia. According to reports she had made herself a cup of tea, sat down in her armchair to watch some tv, and must have passed away.
Having been born in 1924, there is nothign too surprising [...]

If I Die Before I Wake Send These Emails to My Family

Don’t ask which part of the web I have been trolling to find this type of stuff*.
First we have PostExpression, whose tag line is a little eeri: “Death Ends A Life, Not A Relationship.”
Post Expression allows you to communicate with people after you’ve died. It gives you the opportunity to communicate final words [...]

Arthur C. Clarke: RIP

Sir Arthur was quoted as saying religion was “a necessary evil in the childhood of our particular species”, and he left written instructions that his funeral be completely secular.

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