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One more we missed yesterday-

From Super Soldier we move to Super Spy:
Yesterday was the birthday of one of America’s top female spies, she would have been 95. Monday marked the three year anniversary of her passing.
In 1941, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Julia McWilliams attempted to join the Navy, but was turned down because of her height (at [...]

Cooking With Christopher

There is a new(-ish) website around now called I’m Cooked.
It is the type of site where folks who watch the Food Network and feel that they could make better cooking shows then Sandra Lee (and really, who can’t) can come and post their videos of cooking in the kitchen.
Like YouTube or Funny or Die it [...]

Slow Start

Okay, I am off to a slow start today, but I have a bunch of stuff I want to post. Let’s see what I am able to get to this afternoon and hope that not too much is left for tomorrow and I can start fresh then.
Let’s begin with A great website as far [...]

Things Working Out

Isn’t it nice when things just fall into place? So, I have this recipe, I can’t take credit for it unfortunately, but it is a great recipe, especially on hot summer days like today. Unfortunately I couldn’t really think of a decent post to go with it besides “This is a great recipe.”
Then today [...]

Now We’re Cooking!

No, I mean it, literally, I was just cooking.
I finally remembered, while making one of my new recipes to take a few pictures while cooking and to write it down.
So tonight I present you with Monkfish Tacos
After the jump you’ll find the recipe as well as more pictures

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