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Ballsy Advertising

A lot of companies are hesitant to take a stand on what they consider social or political issues. They feel the best bet is to keep their mouths shut and, by doing so, no one can have too big an issue with them. Not Manhattan Mini Storage!
The New York Sun reports that a new(-ish) billboard [...]

7pm debate – Suozzi vs. Spitzer

I know most New Yorkers (and the vast majority of the press) believe that Eliot Spitzer will win the primary and general election hands down.
They question why Tom Suozzi is campaigning, in what appears to be a futile Sisyphusian ordeal.
I do not know why he is running, but I know that asking “why” is [...]

Tax and Spend Republicans?

The Republicans are flipping out that they and their SUV driving constituency are being bled to death at the pump. And, they are proposing a tax on oil profits!

“The Republican plan includes a provision that could levy a significant tax on oil company profits, a provision that President Bush promised to veto when a [...]

Port Security

Bush no know about port sale.
Does it really matter whether this deal means Dubai will control security for our ports? If they control the ports, their personnel have access, and who is monitoring their hiring?
Does our security apparatus have the power to veto their hires if we believe unsavory elements attempt to infiltrate their presumably [...]

The VP’s Dick, er, Duck Shoot

Straight Shooter
A visibly embarrassed Dick Cheney Monday apologized to his close friend for shooting him in a bizarre hunting-related accident.
“I’m really sorry. I thought he was carrying a weapon of mass destruction,” said Cheney. “Contrary to what some of you all are saying out there, I didn’t shoot him because he was a lawyer.”
Cheney peppered [...]

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