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Help help! I’m being manipulated by good design!

There’s some more interesting analysis of the minutiae of the 2008 Presidential Election, with the NYTimes Campaign Stops blog calling on branding expert* Brian Collins to analyze the effectiveness of Gotham as Barack Obama’s preferred font.
With that said, though, there’s an oxymoronic quality to Gotham, which is why I think it’s become so popular. It [...]

Health Questions for the Presidential Candidates

[ This opinion piece appeared in the Wall Street Journal on February 20. It is reprinted here with the permission of author Betsy McCaughey Ross, a former lieutenant governor of New York, currently serving as an adjunct senior fellow at the Hudson Institute (the original "think tank"). ]
On March 4, voters in the [...]

Presidential candidates and their gun lust

In her column in today’s New York Times, 2/23/08, “A Bad Year to be a Mallard,” Gail Collins quotes several of the current and former candidates regarding their liking for hunting:
“I’m pretty sure there will be duck hunting in heaven, and I can’t wait.”
— Mike Huckabee
“I’ve been a hunter pretty much all my life.”
— Mitt [...]

Preaching About Microsoft’s ‘Homosexual Agenda”

When your previous job used to be running around all day in a pair of spandex, getting sweaty with other men and then jumping on top of them, maybe you aren’t the right person to be coming out with a strong stance against gay rights.
Former Dallas Cowboys linebacker turn reverend, Ken Hutcherson of the Antioch [...]

Wall Street Journal’s Pathetic Apology

All I can say is, don’t shoot the messenger:
But how can any responsible journalist not be disgusted by the Wall Street Journal’s apology today?
Senator Carl Levin’s office called yesterday to say we gave him far too much credit, or blame as we had it, for his role in the misbegotten 1993 law that limited the [...]

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